2 Town Ciderhouse Hard Cider Class Action Settlement:Scam or Legit

2 Town Ciderhouse Hard Cider Class Action Settlement


Have you received an email informing you that you are eligible for a payment from a class action settlement. Some might have ignored it assuming that the email was a scam. It is not your fault to think that. We are going to share everything with you about the Class Action Settlement and also inform you that if you received an email about this settlement it was not a scam.


The Lawsuit

2 Towns was hit by a lawsuit for falsely advertising their Hard Cider.They said that their Hard Cider had no artificial flavors but it was found out that they were some artificial flavors in the Cider and other products.

2 Towns of course denied everything but agreed to pay $1 million to end the lawsuit.They have also agreed to change how they make  their hard cider products.


Who Is Eligible

You are a Settlement Class Member if you have purchased any Hard Cider Apple  products in United States between March 12 , 2016 and October 11, 2020. If you also bought a product  that was also advertised with no artificial flavors you are also eligible

In addition if there are class members who wish to withdrew from this settlement you should do so by 28 December 2020 and those who wish to object should do it by 26 March 2021.


How Can You Make A Claim

If you want to make a claim in the 2 Towns Ciderhouse Hard Cider Class Action Settlement ,you will need to submit a claim form either online or by mail. The due date for this claims will be on 9 January 2021.

Furthermore the settlement mentioned that each claim will depend on the number of valued claims submitted and they also mentioned that each claim will be determined by the number of products purchased which is called weighted value. The settlement also says that you can claim up to 10 without proof of purchase.

Follow the link below if you want to file a claim:


Claim Form



Note that if you are not eligible please do not file a claim. More over you should also keep in mind that when you file a claim you are also harming other Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim.

In addition you should rember that there is no proof of purchase that is required.

So if you have already received an email about the 2 Towns Ciderhouse Hard Cider Class Action Settlement then you should know  that it is not a scam .




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