Month: September 2020

Is a scam?

  Are you wondering if is a scam or if it is legit or not. Have you already shopped at and you are not sure anymore if they are legit or not?. Well you are reading the right review. We try by all means to expose all online shoping scams to you and […] Review: Scam Alert!

  As each day passes by, new scammers are emerging, new scams are being crafted and a lot of individuals are being scammed globally. This has pushed us to work tirelessly too in order to expose these scammers. If you have heard about or been at, you must have some burning questions about it. […]

YaGood Technologies Scam

Wondering if yagood technologies is a scam? Have you seen the name yagood technologies somewhere when you made an online purchase?. Well yagood technologies has raised a lot of suspicions. A lot of people want to know more about this site, others want to know if it can be trusted, others want to understand how […]