What is 35.Black – All you need to know about 35.black

You can not post the phrase 35.Black (without space) on facebook or instagram, did you know that? Some research was done on this so keep reading this review to find out more.

35.Black is a link to a website which probably existed some time ago but not anymore. If you type in 35.black in the google search panel, it leads you nowhere because the domain name is nolonger in use. It appears as below:



The link 35.Black was forbidden by both facebook and Instagram maybe because it violated some of its terms and conditions. They clearly state that it is against their community standards. The image below indicates this :

Why you should not be scared of 35.Black:

Some people might have a bit of fear creeping in over 35.Black. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of 35.Black. Here is why:

  • 35.Black is just a domain name of an internet site.

A site name is not scary right?

  • The site 35.Black does not exist anymore.

 If it does not exist it cannot harm you right?

  • Mark Zuckerberg is already protecting you by banning this site.

if you are protected, why fear right?

Facebook community standards

Facebook community standards are a guide for what is and is not allowed on facebook. Lets take a look at some of the facebook community standards that 35.Black might have failed to follow. Any one of these standards might be the reason 35.Black was banned.



Maybe 35 Black shared infomation that was not authentic



Maybe 35.Black shared information that threatened or intimidated people



Maybe 35.Black did not respect people’s personal privacy information



Maybe 35.Black harrased or degraded other people



Final Verdict

35.Black should not scare you, it probably was just a scam site that got banned. I hope this review has clarified a lot on 35.Black to you. I would advise you not to keep trying to type  in 35.Black on facebook and Instagram because you might risk being banned too for something you have no connection to. If you have found this review helpful or you want to share your thoughts on it too, you are welcome to leave a comment below.

Thank you for taking your time to read this review


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