+447376446279 number exposed: It Is A Scam

Scam Text From +447376446279

Hello guys how are you ? Have you received a text message from the following number +447376446279. If you have it we would like to let you know that the text message is a scam and you should not do what the text tells you. Many have fallen into this trap and we would like to urge all the customers out there not to put their details especially their bank card details because this text is coming from fraudsters

There was one recipient who received this message but it was too late when the recipient figured out that the whole message was a scam. Luckily the recipient blocked their card, and then few moments later there was a purchase made and it was declined

 You should stay away from this scam  text messages because their main agenda is to get your bank details and start performing online purchases.

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim

You can avoid becoming a victim firstly by not putting your personal details to this untrusted number. If you don’t know what you are getting yourself into don’t give away your information that easily.

Some text messages usually come with links for you to click them. Do not click them. This is because this links will lead you to a page were you are asked to put in your contact details and  some they say they need your visa card details either to verify you, but do not fall for this because it is a scam. This is how they get your details and perform credit card fraud.

In conclusion

You can recognize the message is a scam by the following number +447376446279. When you see a message coming from this number delete it and share the information to help spread awareness about this scam. Protect your funds from this scammers because that is what they are after.

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