review : Scam exposed

What is

I came across through some Facebook ads and this site was selling some blenders for $3.99. Well I have come across a lot.of sites that claim to be selling these kitchen stuff items and you want to know that these sites aren’t really the sites you would want to buy from if you don’t wanna get scammed. So in this review we are going to be simply telling you that is a scam online store and you want to keep far away from them as possible. So if you have questions such as what is, is it a scam, legit, honest, fake, fraudulent, below are some of the scam signs and facts and you want to check the comments section just in case you may find a customer review as time goes on. scam signs

I’m sure the prices on this online store were one thing that really made you suspicious and you were definitely correct. These prices are just too good to be true and you will find a lot of other sites that are selling items at such. If you see one please report them to us and dknt attempt to buy from them. Also you may have noticed that the site isn’t giving the details which are really important to establish trust such as phone number and address and all.  They are a new online store and so there isn’t much that has been said about them but no countries will disappear pretty soon.





When the site disappears just male sure they don’t disappear along with your money. So if you have bought you may want to contact your Credit card company or bank to file a complaint and maybe you may get your money back. If you have been scammed or have more questions regarding what is please leave message.


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