:scam or legit?

In a world where most people are now obsessed with gaming as a way to relax and enjoy their time most people are becoming gullible to these online store advertisements with seemingly appealing deals and offers that they don’t check the authenticity of the online store. All they want is to buy the PlayStations and other gaming equipment in the comfort of their couch and wait for it to be delivered on their doorstep. is one of the online stores that is selling Nintendo’s PlayStation and other gaming equipment.could it also be part of the online stores that are scamming people? this is a question most people have been asking as there are some alarming scam signs.

Seeing that this online store was opened recently….3rd of November to be specific. This raises question as it still new and might have opened this store to sell this month as black Friday was approaching and most people are looking for gaming equipment that is affordable.a new store can certainly not be trusted.

Going on to the contact details there is nothing on their website.nothing at all. No phone number, no physical address and no email address.rather they prefer you give them your details and your email address and fill in enquiry on the box you’re directed to when you go where it’s written contact us. This is however very strange and this may be one of the ways they have to cover their tracks and no-one will ever be able to find them. Such stores with no contact details can not be trusted you won’t know who you are really dealing with and this is a clear scam sign and can not be ignored.

Well, this is just an eye opener and a warning so that you won’t fall into these deadly scam traps. Stay woke and verify the authenticity of these online stores before you spend of your hard-earned money on these scams. If you’ve had any experience with please feel free to leave your comments below and let others know what you experience you had with this store. Keep well.

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