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Jewellery just takes things up the notch and has a way of increasing elegance and confidence. Most people especially those that are very particular about what they put in their skin would want to wear jewellery that is real and solid so those may have come across while looking for the right appealing jewellery have been asking about it’s authenticity and legitimacy. This review will help you determine if you can trust this online store or not. We bring the facts to you and you decide on whether you want to continue ordering from them or not.

Features showing that it is a scam


First of all, when you look up this store on you will realise that store was recently launched making it very tricky. You can not trust a store that is newly established. When an online store is less than 6 months then it can not be trust and this online boutique fits this untrusted criteria. You would not know how they fully function and if they are reliable in less than 6 months.


Secondly, you would notice that the prices are too good to be true and the discounts are insanely high even for New year’s discounts. This lowering of prices is a common bait that scammers use to lure more victims into ordering from their website only to have counterfeit goods or nothing at all. They know that selling at a lower price will have more people attracted to them and wanting to order from them.

Contact details

There are no contact details on the website. No email address and no telephone number for enquiries and no physical address for returning unsatisfactory items.This makes it shady because you won’t be able to communicate with the online store effectively to understand how they really operate. Only legit stores would give their correct full contact details on the website for easy communication with their customers for transparency as well. Scammers would hide their details as they wouldn’t want to be tracked down and found.

Website shortcomings lacks social links. Most online stores are thriving online and this one is absent on all social media platforms and this makes one question if it’s legit or fake. The company and owner identity are hidden you wouldn’t know who you’ll be dealing with. Only scammers wouldn’t be transparent and wouldn’t want to be found as well. You would not know who exactly you’re buying from, a little transparency would clear most doubts people have regarding this online boutique.

The website is not properly secured by McAfee or Norton to secure customers information which means when you enter your details on the website you would run the risk of having them be tempered with by third parties without your consent. Legit stores would be careful with your details only scammers are this careless.

Final verdict can not be trusted, it is totally a scam. I hope this review has helped you see all the red flags that you would normally come across but ignore because of ignorance. Next time when you have doubts regarding any online store go through the website and pay attention to all the scam sites we focused on in this review, this will help you in knowing whether you can trust the online store or not.

If you’ve had any encounter with this online store please feel free to leave a comment below telling us about the kind of experience you had with them. You can also share this article with others who might be thinking of buying from this online store. Stay woke!

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