review : beware of scam!

About the store is an online store selling a variety of items but lately baby and kids items have been in stock. They’re selling baby bottle liners, baby bottle nipples, breast pumps, kids toy’s etc.
This review was made after we’ve had alot of potential customers have been asking if it’s a legit store or its one of many other scams. Well some people fail to one come the urge of getting a Xbox X series for just about 300 bucks because you can hardly find one for less than $800. Hopefully you haven’t already given in to the tricks by these guys because no doubt. We’ve also seen alot of reviews that people who had an encounter with this online store have had counterfeit goods and some haven’t received their order. So we decided to pay more attention at the scam signs that many people might have missed when they went through the website.

Scam signs

Firstly, when you visit the page you’d notice the insanely low prices. These prices are too low and too good to be true. These low prices are baits used by scammers to get more people ordering from them.Also some people who have tried to purchase from have had the transactions denied by the banks because of the site being suspicious. Well sometimes this could be just a way scammers steal your credit card details and then over charge you without your consent later. The site is no doubt a recent site that is just still too new to be trusted.

There are also numerous scam reports against this site that you’d see online. There are also many negative reviews given by people who have bought from this site and this is a sure sign that you certainly can not trust this online store.

When you see the contact details you’d think they’re real but they are actually fake. The telephone number given doesn’t go through and the address 1084 Broad st, Newark NJ 07102, US is a residential address. The email address give is not even related to the domain name and when you email them there’s no response from them.
There are no social media links for this store that were found.

You’d also notice that the website doesn’t disclose much information regarding the store owner and even information regarding the store. The website isn’t secured so you’d run the risk of having your financial details and personal details being stolen.

It’s very common among scammers to buy domain names that have been in existence for quiet a long time so that they may be a bit trust. This domain name was registered in 2008 you can find on the . So this domain name might have been bought as well.


I wouldn’t want to dwell on the prices that are charged by this online store because they are the first scam signs everyone sees when they come across the site. There are a lot of scam sites that are selling the same stuff especially the Play stations and X box for the same ridiculously low prices, if you see one like that then you should know they are a scam already.

Our solid and only conclusion is that is indeed a scam and you certainly can not trust them to deliver exactly what you’d have order and they may deduct more money from your credit card when you give them your financial details. If you’ve had any encounter with this online store please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know about your experience with them.stay woke! Good luck?

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