reveiw: Scam exposed

Is A Scam Or Not

Hello guys how are you, we are going to be doing a review on and this is because we believe this site might be a scam for a numouros reasons that we are going to get into shortly. New scam sites have been made around this year and we urge everyone to be aware and if there is a site that you suspect please share it in the comments.

Age Of Site was made on 28-03-2020 which is a few months ago .We urge all valued customers to not trust new sites that are a year or less old.You can get more information about this website on

If you are going to be perfoming online transctions then you should atleast practice it on a more trusted sites that are atleat a year or more old ,for this new sites can turn out to be scams.


The only information we have on their address is a name building  that we then researched online ,it led us to another site that seems to linked with

What Is is another site that also shares the same address with The only diffrent on is that, we only have the name of the building and floor but on we now have the street number and country. was created on 28-03-2020 which is the same date with Could it be the same site,more reasons not to trust it.

In addition, we tried to call on their customer service phone number and its not working at all.This is also another strong sign that is a scam and it shouldn’t be trusted .

More over, the prices of this site also gives us a clear indication that this site is a scam.For a site that has just started they are already giving 50 % off. This is also another way of attracting more visitors to their site.

In conclusion is a scam.


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