Review: legit or scam?

Lately online shopping scams have been increasing at an alarming rate. Many people are being scammed by these fraudsters. We are trying our best to expose these scammers. A lot of people are asking questions about It seems as if this online site is being fraudulent. In this review we are going to look at the online store called to come up with a final verdict on if it, is a scam or not.

After doing the multiple researches on online scams, we realised that these online stores have similar scam signs. After going through this review, it should not be difficult for you to identify an online shopping scam. You should be alert, share this to warn other buyers  about scams such as

Now let us take a look at the scam signs that are showed by scam signs

Website date of creation

Most of the online scam stores are usually always new. In most cases they never get to exist for a long period they would have been exterminated in just a few months. This is because the scammers do not want to be caught and they know the longer they stay in business , the fewer the customers because they would have been exposed. So scammers almost always create new websites for their different scams. is not too new to be trusted. It was created on the 19th of December 2019. The problem is tht have nothing that shows us how active or productive the site was. It is a bit untrustworthy. prices.

Another common scam sign shown by fraudulant sites is the prices. has ridiculously low prices. Do not get excited too much about these prices, they are just a way to lure people into the scam. Do not fall for it and stay away from them.

Contact details just like any other scam site does not have any reliable contact details. They have no phone call details on their page. What are they trying to hide? This site is not to be trusted.


Verdict has a number of scam signs as shown above. I think this online shop is not to be trusted. Please beware of scammers such as these and do not trust them with your money. If you have been scammed or you have any comment on this review about, dont forget to leave a comment below.

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