Review: Scam Alert!

This Review will be a focus on if is a scam or if it is legit. If you have been to you probaly have questions. If you are just doing a short research on before you shop there, i hope you get all the answers you are looking for in this review.

Now let us take a look at what is, what it does and why we are looking into it.

What is is an online store that sells lego toys. They call themselves Lego house home of the brick. is an online store that we are looking into because we believe it could be a scam.

Bricksmate shop is giving us a number of reasons to think it is a scam. let us  take a look at these reasons that it has been giving us

Scam signs

  •’s date of creation 

The online lego toys store is still too new to trust. The store was created recently. Most scammers usually always create a new site to scam people who do not know about their scam schemes. If i were you i would think twice before shopping at a new online store like According to their who is details, was created on the 30th of August. Be alert and do not fall into their scam.

  •’s prices

The items on have prices that are way too good to be true. Their low prices are are a cause of concern. How would they afford to sell items at low prices when they are still new? What is their benefit in this? They are benefiting from scamming you so stay away from them.

  •’s contact details provided social media sites on their page, but the problem is they do not work like they should. This causes us to believe that is hiding something from its buyers. It is an untrustworthy site.


Verdict is a scam. if you have not been scammed by, stay away  from them. If you have been to, please share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below. Help us to expose scams and to warn other online buyers.


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  1. marybeth ryan says:

    I bought a harry potter lego set and it never arrived. Instead I a cheap pair of knock off raybans arrived instead. How do I contact the company to get my money back or to get the legos.

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