Can be trusted?


After realising that gaming has become a popular way for most people to enjoy their free time scammers have also taken the opportunity to get money through fake selling the equipment online. is one the many online stores selling gaming equipment and laptops etc. This review will expose the scam signs and also let you know how you’re being lured into such scams

Firstly, an online store that has been operating for less than a month can not be trusted. Computer mill just opened in October this could be for the very same reason other stores have been opening recently for which is to be advertising for black Friday which would be in November.

Secondly, the prices are unrealisticallly low even for black Friday deals. This has had most people fooled into thinking that the deals are better than other online stores. This has been the order and of the day since back Friday was approaching.

Thirdly, seeing their contact details are not authentic this is for them to cover tracks and become untraceable to those people who would have been scammed .


Our job is to verify the authenticity of these online stores and to show you the scam signs that you may normally ignore. Computer mill is certainly a scam that can not be trusted. If you’ve had any experience with this online store please do leave a comment below, this might help the other person to stay woke and not be scammed. Good luck.




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