Chick-fil-A giveaway video scam

Chick-fil-A giveaway video scam

 Have you seen a video from Chick-fil-A telling you that you have received a $35 gift card. Many have  received this post as it has being shared on Facebook these past few days. This post or video has been trending on Facebook for the past few days. If you have run into this post then we would like to let you know that do not trust this post because it is a scam. We are going to get more into details why we are saying this is a scam.



The Scam Message

In October Facebook users shared a post about a $35 gift card coming from Chick-fli-A. The text claimed that it was coming from a regional manager from Chick-fli-A called Travis Porter, who is therefore said to have promised to give away a $35 gift card to anyone who shares the post for cerebrating 61 years anniversary.

These is the following text that is found on Facebook:

Hello everyone, my name is Travis Porter and I am the Regional Manager for Chick-fli-A! I have an announcement to make- To celebrate our 61st anniversary, We are giving EVERYONE who then shares and comments by 3 pm Monday one if this gift packages containing a $35 gift card plus surprises that will make your heart flutter.

A spokeswoman for Chick-fli-A stated that this is not from their department and that it is a fake. She also mentioned that they are doing everything they can with the help of Facebook to remove the post.

Post claiming to offer anniversary gift card on Facebook are very common. Chick-fli-A is a usually the target for such scams. In January 2020 another scam appeared stating its from Chick-fli-A offering then free meals.

Note that Chick-fli-A traces its origins back to 1946, which would make the company 74 years not 61 years like it is mentioned on the post . if you have received this post do not follow it because it is a fake.



What happens if you follow it

By clicking their link you obviously are giving pay to this scammers because they get payed by commission for every form that you might be asked to fill. For some it is even worse because you might be asked to pay a doller in order for you to be verified. This is how they get your bank details and eventually perform credit card fraud.

Help spread awareness about this post because it is a fake.

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