Review: Scam Unmasked! is a site that most people want to know about. Those who have just visited the site have questions on whether it is a legit online store or not. Those who have done their shopping at need answers to clarify their suspicions of the site not being legit. This review is all about answering those questions and giving clarification to all doubts and suspicions. So allow me to take you through what i found out about

What is is an online shopping site that mainly focuses on women’s wear. The items they sell include, nightware, swimsuits, undergarments and other women’s clothing. The online site targets Europe, America, Australia, the middle east and other consumer markets. Corzw is the operater of

We will now look into the signs you should not ignore. The signs that will help us decide if is a scam or not.

Scam signs to watch out for:

  • was created on the 27th of June 2020. This information about their domain name was obtained from their whois details. The site is still too new to trust it. Aside from the fact that they show more signs of being untrustworthy as i will show below, it generally is difficult to trust a new site. This is because we dont know them well enough, we are not sure of their intentions and we do not know if they are really honest, so we should be alert.


  • Most of the items on are on sale. They have already reduced the prices of their items to about 50% off or more despite being a new site. This then raises a common question in such a situation which is, how do they afford slashing their prices so much when they just started business? These prices are probably just bait to attract a lot of buyers so that they will trick them into buying before they disappear on them.


  • Another scam sign found on is the absence of a review section on their site page. If there is no review section it means unsatisfied customers can not comment, which means there are no bad reviews on their site. may view this as a benefit to them, but it clearly shows us how sketchy they are and sketchy sites cannot be trusted.


  • The absence of helpful contact details on online shopping site, is another scam sign. They only provide a free email address  which is there are no contact details and even a physical address is not available on the site. This is a definite cause for worry.





After seeing all these scam signs, i think that is a scam. So be alert and dont fall into their trap.Do you agree with me that is not legit? Have you been scammed by Do you want to share your thoughts on If so, leave a comment down below.


Good luck

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  1. Amanda Lucia says:

    I ordered from here – $167!!! – and got something in the mail that looked like it could have been made for $10. So crappy, falling apart. Looked NOTHING like the picture – even in the wrong color! — and when I contacted them to say WTF – no refunds – no nothing. Not even a ‘hey- sorry we sent you the wrong product.’ I’ve never seen anything like this in any company I’ve ever bought something from. I feel like I ordered a mango and received a mushroom – and they’re like — ‘what’s your problem? sorry, not sorry.” OUTRAGEOUS. STAY AWAY.

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