Dcweedbox.com: is it legit or a scam?

Do you want to know if dcweedbox.com is a scam or not? Do you want to shop at dcweedbox.com but you re not sure if you should trust the store with your shopping? The aim of this review is to help you get an answer to these questions. As much as we try to expose online scammers, it can only be made more effective with your help. Please assist us to warn other online shoppers sharing your experiences in the comments section below.

Now let us take at look at what dcweedbox.com is and what they are all about.

What is dcweedbox.com?

dcweedbox.com is an online shopping store. They claim to be a legal weed store that sells marijuana and cannabis related products. Dcweedbox.com claims that they are located at 1667 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006.

Now let us take a look at the reasons why we believe dcweedbox.com may be a scam.


Scam signs

dcweedbox.com’s date of creation

Dcweedbox.com registered its domain name on the 20th of June 2020. This site is still too new to be trusted. Im sure you would not want to risk your money by shopping at a store you barely know. Lately, scammers have been creating new websites that will exist only for a short period as they scam people. Do your shopping carefully to avoid getting scammed.

dcweedbox.com’s social media sites

On dcweedbox.com’s pages there are some social media icons. The presence of these icons on their pages implies that they should lead you to dcweedbox.com’s social media page. If you click these icons they do not quite work as they should, they will  just take you to social media in general. This shows dcweedbox.com is trying to deceive its customers into believing they are real. They are definitely not trustworthy.

dcweedbox.com’s reviews

dcweedbox.com has some customer reviews on its pages. The problem with these reviews is the dating. Some of these reviews indicate that the supposedly happy customers purchased from this online store in February. How is this possible when the store was created in June? This shows how dishonest dcweedbox.com is.




Final Verdict

Dcweedbox.com has shown a number of scam signs and also signs of being dishonest. This online store is untrustworthy. I would recommend considering these scam signs first before shopping at dcweedbox.com. If you have already been scammes by dcweedbox.com or you have some thoughts concerning this review on dcweedbox.com, please share with us in the comments section below.

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