emazeley.com Review : legit or a scam?

Hi do you want to know if emazeley.com is a scam or not? you are probably not sure if you can trust doing your online shopping at emazeley.com. A number of people are complaining because tht are not satisfied bu the service that they received at emazeley.com. Well read through this review to find out if emazeley.com is a trustworthy site or if it is a scam.

Before we get into why emazeley.com might be a scam you may want to know first what emazely.com is. What emazeley.com does, so we have briefly explained that to you below.

What is emazeley.com?

Emazeley.com is an online shopping site that focuses on selling technological gadgets. On the emazeley.com site, they have phone cases, usb cables, phone chargers and many other gadgets. The website emazeley.com is operated by Gem Tech.

Now that you know what emazeley.com is and what they do, lets take a look at the reasons why we think it is an untrustworthy online shopping site

Scam Signs

Domain name date of creation 

The website emazeley.com’s domain name was created this year on the 17th of July 2020. It clearly is still a new site. Would you be comfortable trusting a website that is less than half a year old with your shopping? I wouldnt, it would be safer shopping at a well known website that has been there for long.

Contact Details

One of the most common scam signs on online shopping stores is the absence of contact details on their pages. emazeley.com exhibits this scam sign too. There are no contact details on emazeley.com. They provide only a physical address. So then how are we suppose to contact them?

Prices of items 

the technological gadgets sold on emazeley.com look really nice but they are at ridiculously low prices. Too good to be true items usually are, so do not be fooled it may be just a mere trap into the scam.

Review Section 

Emazeley.com’s website lack another essential item, the review section. I believe it was left out on purpose . The reason being to avoid other potential victims reading the bad reviews of the usatisfied customers. Please be alert, do not be scammed.





Emazeley.com may have really nice items on their site but they also have really visible scam signs. If you agree with me that emazeley.com is a scam or if you have been scammed by emazeley.com, please share with us in the comments section below.

Do not be fooled, watch out for scam signs


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