surprise message review: scam or legit?!

Many people get alarmed when they receive messages that have links to follow. They become so paranoid and curious at the same time. They get paranoid because they haveve been scammed before or saw reports of people who got scammed by clicking such links and curious because they want to know what is behind the link.

Well, this review is to help you stop being curious and also reassure you that there’s nothing suspicious behind the link so that you can stop being paranoid.

About the message is a website that has its link being sent to multiple people on various social media platforms and text messages to. When you click on the given link you are directed to a page that is beautifully designed and there’s a bell where you are supposed to click.

Below the bell you are required to enter your full name. Nothing more is required here. So when you entered your name you then receive a customized message or countdown rather to new year .


Is it a scam?

There is nothing dubious or strange about the message. In the spirit of festive season people are sending each messages wishing each other well so this is also part of that. This link will have to circulate and make people from different parts of the world feel together by receiving the same message.

The owner has no intention of duping anyone in any way. This message is just a “wish well” message directed to everyone, no one can say they’re victimised or being targeted by this message.

The owner is obviously benefitting from people visiting his site by getting paid for the ads being put on his site. This is a very common way people get money just by having more people visit the website and see the ad content while you also view the customised message. So this message is propelled by people not knowing that they’re simply supporting someone’s business which is not a bad thing since nothing much is required from you except for adding to the traffic.

The problem I think most people had with the website is how roughly designed the page was. It was not designed in a strategic manner that is more organized. what I also realized is there isn’t any information regarding the owner of the site. There’s also no contact details for the owner. I think a little transparency would have helped. But nonetheless there’s nothing suspicious about this site. It was opened in January 2020 according to and upto now we never saw any scam activity or heard any negative feedback from anyone who had an encounter with this website.



My suggestion is that there’s no need for you to feel insecure in any way because there’s nothing to worry about this is just another way of getting festive season messages so do it through videos,photos or songs as a way of just wish others well so that everyone around the world can feel that they’re together on this day. Many have given feedback concerning this message and they didn’t find anything suspicious on the website.

If you still have doubts regarding this link you’re absolutely free to delete the message before you even click on the link. If you still have doubts and questions you can look at the comments below. If you’ve had any encounter with this link and perhaps clicked on the link tell us where you ended up and if they requested anything other than your name. Let us know your experience with the link as this will give clarity and confirmation to other people who are having doubts regarding this link. Feel free to leave a comment below. It’d really help others. Thank you.

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