Review: Scam exposed!

Online shopping scams are increasing at an alarming rate. This review is striving to expose such scams and protect buyers. If you have been wondering if is legit or a scam, your answer is in this review. A number of people are asking questions about, so we had to do an indepth analysis on it to see if it can be trusted or not.

What is is an online shopping site that sells a variety of items. Some of the items that it sells include tshirts, hoodies,  jerseys, glasses, shoes and a lot more. It is oerated by a company called Nova Silk Road Sarl that is located in in Paris, France.

Now that you know a bit about, let us take a look at why we think it is a scam.

Scam Signs

Website creation date

The domain name for was created on November 22, 2018. This is a long time, that we should be trusting them by now but we dont, why? We do not trust because ever since it was created it did not give anyone a reason to trust them. All we have are reasons we think it is a scam.


Yes provides a physical address on its page. It also has a free email address which is It however lacks something important. There are no telephone details on pages. This is a common habit done by scammers of leaving out phone call numbers. is not to be trusted so beware.


The items that are sold at are really low. These prices are just reduced to attract customers in the scam. Stay away from too good to be true prices and save yourself from losing your money.


The website was created a long time ago but it still has no reviews on its pages. If you ask me, i think this is very suspicious. I also found out that the website prevented google from creating a page description but did not hide it from google. The reason why is only known to but it is also a warning sign to you.





I think is not a legit online store. You should stay away from fraudulent sites like these. Share with us your thoughts on this review about below

Good luck

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