fashineo.com Review: Legit or Scam?

Are you a fan of online shopping? Maybe you are just trying out online shopping and you came across fashineo.com. In this review we will be looking into fashineo.com. We will talk about if this online store a legit or just a scam that you should stay away from. Dont forget to comment below and share with others to protect them too from online scammers.

We will now take a look at what fashineo.com is and what it does.

What is fashineo.com?

Fashineo.com is an online shopping site that sells different things. It sells items like jeans, t-shirts, footware, watches and many other fashion products. Fashineo.com is an indian site that mainly sells its items to indians.

Why fashineo.com

We decided to make a review about fashineo.com because it is exhibiting some signs of being a scam. Another reason we looked into it is because a lot of people have been asking about it because it seems sketchy. Our aim is to expose online scams so we had to do it.

Scam signs

  • Prices

Fashineo.com has one of the most common scam signs. The prices of its items are ridiculously low. Usually scammers reduce the prices of their items just to attract people and lure them into the scam. They have a maroon sleeveless cotton suit that was suppose to be going for 2 799.00Rs but has been reduced to 499.00Rs. These prices are too good to be true, do not fall for the trap, stay alert.

  • contact details

The fashineo.com page has no contact details on its page. This is very suspicious because if they are legit, why would they hide important infornation needed by their buyers. They dont provide any e-mail address, phone call number or even a physical address. On fashineo.com’s contact page they ask the buyers to fill out a form if they have anything to say. I think this is a way to steal personal information because they require a name, email and phone number. I would advise you not to fill this form as you will be risking getting your personal information stolen.

  • Reviews

This indian online store, fashineo.com has no review section on their page. They dont give the buyers any room to comment on the products or service that they get from fashineo.com. They are clearly hiding something, they are not trustworthy

  • site creation date

fashineo.com is a very new site. It is wise not to trust what you do not know. Fashineo.com registered their domain name on the 18th of July 2020. I would not trust them if i were you




After seeing all these scam signs, im sure you agree with me that fashineo.com is a scam. Beware of scammers like fashineo.com. Share your thoughts or experiences with us regarding this review on fashineo.com.

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