FedEx Tracking Notice

FedEx Tracking notice scam text message

They have been a lot of text messages sent to people claiming to have a package for them from FedEx that is waiting to be collected. These text messages have been sent to many people and we would like inform you not click the link below for they are scam text messages.

If you want to identify these scam text messages they come with a link for you to click


They usually come in this text format


SENT BY +1(216) 678-0217

FedEx:package 08746 update sent! Track here> c3fsm.ikyzHCI1rvP

More info on the

This scammers have been using the same message but changing the links into making people believe there is a package waiting for them.This scammers main agenda is to make you believe the message is from FedEx.

When you click on the link it redirects you to a certain dormain,but this dormain has been changing since they keep changing their link with

We would like to let everyone know that despite receiving different links the FedEx text message is a scam. Do not click on these text messages for they are coming from these scammers that can’t be trusted.


If you click on the links provided its either it will redirect you to a site where you are going to be asked to pay a $1 for processing in which this is very dangerous because the only thing they will be after is your credit card details.

Some of the things you could encounter, the links could lead you to a page where you might be asked to download an app or they might ask you to subscribe to their social media channels.

Either way you should always try to avoid these text messages for they can’t be trusted and they are coming from these scammers.




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