Halifax A payee has been added from a new device : Scam texts

Halifax scam texts

There have been a lot of reports that have been featuring from different people claiming they have received some warning of a new payee being added to their account. Well good thing is that some people have already noticed the a text to be a scam and the reason being that they don’t have Halifax Bank accounts.

Maybe you do have one or you don’t but have also received this twxt message and have been thinking about whether they are a scam or not. Below is all you need to know about this a payee has been added from a new device, if this was not you log in securely via ******* and cancel this immediately scam texts.


About the Halifax scam text

There are a lot of different scam text messages and they are all claiming the same thing but in different words at times but this one is the common one where they tell you a new payee has been added. The aim of this scam is to make you try to login and in the process ask you to enter your credit card details which they plan to steal from you.

That way, once you have logged in they may even tell you login failed but already will have had access was to your account and can easily steal from you. The other scam says, “Halifax alert, you have successfully paired a new device, if this was not you…”



Some may tell you to call them or send them a text message on a certain nunber but this will be premium rate number scams where they benefit from you calling or texting at an abnormally high charge. The links on these text messages at times contain malware software and at times they lead you to other suspicious sites or.may you do stuff such as completing reviews and the like but this one is usually about phishing your details. Don’t get scammed.

Good luck

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