Hoctashop.com review : Scam or legit

What is Hoctashop.com

Hoctashop.com  is a new online store that is selling what they would like to call latest industrial products and many other items such as toys and the like.

The site has been recently asked about and people just like you want to know if anyone has bought from the site and gotten the item they paid for and of the site really is for real. Well according to what we have found out about the online store you may be sad to find out  they are not a trusted online store for a number of reasons.


Why Hoctashop.com  cannot be trusted.

I’m sure the main reason why most people have been asking about them is because of the prices which seem a little too good to be trusted. You will find a lot of sites too that look just like this one and yet are selling different items. I wouldn’t encourage you to buy from such because we have come across over a hundred sires that look exactly like this one and that have been reported for scam. You will find other scam signs such as hidden contact details and the fact that the site is just a recent site that was made end of September 2020.




Is it a scam?

It is highly likely that Hoctashop.com  is one of the many scam sites that have been scamming people recently. The site doesn’t use an https but uses an Http instead which shows that there are security problems that may affect the customers as their details are not protected such that they can be seen by the owners of the scam and hence getting scammed. If you know anything about this site please feel free to share in the comments.

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