How to Fix Zoom error code 3113


Have you also been trying to schedule a meeting on Zoom and got the error code 3113? Well a lot of people have been receiving the same since yesterday. A few ways have been suggested in how to fix this issue and it seems like the error is because of some settings problem which you may need to fix for yourself and the last time I checked there wasn’t any reply from Zoom support. Early September this year there was a proposition to change the Zoom settings to improve security and these settings were supposed to take effect from 27 September. Below is an article that shows the changes that were supposed to be put in place.


The proposed changes

“On September 27, the Zoom vendor is implementing changesworldwide to enhance meeting securityZoom meetings will require a Passcode (formerly referred to as Password), or a Waiting Room to be enabled for all meetings. Any Zoom meetings that have already been scheduled and do not have a passcode configured will automatically have Waiting Rooms enabled. 

Full details on Meeting Waiting Rooms and Passcode Requirements are available on Zoom’s website. ”


Well last time we checked  these settings were then later on announced to be dismissed and were not going to be implemented. However those who have fixed this problem claim you need to implement these settings for it to work. Below is what others have had to say.


What others have said

It’s a settings problem. Once you edit the advanced setting to enable waiting room or you let the meeting use a passcode, the problem will be solved

I have came across with the same issue and getting the error code “3113” whilst I schedule a meeting without “Require Meeting Password”. If the same is enabled then the error should not pop up.
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So far this is the recommended way of fixing this Zoom error code 3113 and be able to schedule a meeting. If you have come across any other suggestions that seems to work please share with others in the comments section.

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