i5ssv.info we came across a package text : Scam Alert!


We expose scams and i5ssv.info is a scam. The link i5ssv.info is just one of the many sites that scammers are using. Have you been confused because of the texts sent to you by i5ssv.info? Well do not trouble yourself or think much about these scam texts

i5ssv.info sends a message that reads

“We came across a package from… owed to you. Please assume ownership and claim for delivery here: i5ssv.info”

They will send this message and ask you to click the link that they provide. This is a spam message do not click on that link. The best way to respond to this message from i5ssv.info would be to delete the message nomatter how many times they send it to you. The scammers are just trying to make money through you by scamming you.

Below are some of the telephone numbers that have been sending these scam messages:

  • 714-642-5828
  • 714-300-9547
  • 401-225-7193

If you have recieved this we came across a package scam message from i5ssv.info or if you ever receive it help us to warn others about this scam. Share with us the number that sent you this scam message in the comments section below.


i5ssv.info is a scam message. Do not be fooled by these scammers telling you they have come across your package. Share your thoughts about this review on i5ssv.info in the comments section

Good Luck

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