People are being manipulated and lured into scam traps that are difficult to come out of due to advancement of technology which has made it easier for everyone to do shopping while at home. Idepothome is one of the online stores that has most people asking about and in this review we’ll make certain things clear so that you can be alert.

SCAM SIGN : 1 like most online stores was opened just on the day of black Friday which was the 27th November. This store is too new to be trust and to get any guarantee regarding the home and kitchen equipment they claim to be selling.


The prices are insanely low even for black Friday. This is a clear scam sign that most ignore due to excitement about the low prices. They shop and easily had over their account details and some have more money withdrawn from their account and you are lucky you pay and they don’t deliver the goods at all.


The contact details are fake so as to make them untraceable. This is another clear scam sign as we all know that an authentic store would be transparent and honest.


This is clearly a scam and we wouldn’t advice you to shop from them. If you’ve already had an experience with this online store please do let us know what really happened. This could help others that are looking forward to buying from the store in the comfort of their home. Keep well.

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