Is a scam or legit?


Times have changed and things have become so easy like buying property online and this has caused a lot people to be scammers seeing how people are loving the luxury of doing it all at home and wait for delivery. Well, some deliveries don’t make it to your doorstep and that’s when people start asking the question…was I scammed? Damn right you’ve been scammed after paying without verifying authenticity of the online store. We are here for you, to expose those scammers. is an online store selling home property and kitchen appliances and seeing that people have been asking if it should be trusted or not we’ve decided to give you this review.

  1. Firstly, this online store just opened on the 25th of November this year with some hilarious prices even for black Friday. This was done to lure oblivious customers to buy these items. We’re not surprised as this has been the order of the day seeing many online stores opened this month when people are seeking for the cheapest prices they can get this black Friday. If you go on the website you’ll see the Intex floating recliner chair going for $15.00 this is bizarre even though it’s black Friday as this would mean they have made a 90% discount. Even the adjustable dumbbells are going for $165 which usually go for over $500. This is to certainly intrigue customers and see this as better deals when in fact it’s just ploy to scam.

Looking at the contact details they’d seem legit but try calling and see if it get through. This is so that they can cover their tracks and also with a non-existant physical address.

This shop is absolutely too new to be trusted. It has barely made profit and already having these low prices. is certainly a scam don’t be fooled. If you’ve had any experience with ehome sport please feel free to leave a comment below let us know about your experience. Good luck.


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