Is a scam or legit? : Lifepigment Review review

Was created in July 2019 on the 1st. The online store is one of the sites that many people have seen advertising on Facebook and possibly other  platforms. If you have come across this site please share with us how you came across them and what you think about the site.

Those who have come across the site have not really trusted the site and in this review the site has also been spotted as a site that will most likely scam a number of people. Don’t let them get to you or attempt to make a payment to them. Below are some.of the red flags that we noticed on the site.


Red flags

First of all is the absence of any real persons or company that is linked to the site. If you have been on the site you may have had noticed that there is no real known company that is associated with this site. There is no phone number or address or any social media pages either, a common way to hide their identity.

As for the prices that are being charged the most common that has been labeled is 70% off promotions. Be careful of these fake promotions that are meant to trick you into buying or should we say sending money to some scam site.




I wouldn’t encourage any person to buy from  It has also been said by that the site is also linked to another scam site that looks exactly like them called which has been reported many times for scam with the same prices and fake  promotions. Hopefully no one falls for this online store and we hope to hear your views to help us spread awareness. If you have more questions regarding this Review or any other site please leave a message.

Take care.

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