is a scam? Review

What is, Is legit or a scam? Should be trusted. These are just a few of the many questions that are rising in shoppers ‘ minds as they come across It is wise to look into an online store first before shppping there especially because of the increasing rate of scammers. If you too are in search of answers to the above questions, read through this review and dont forget to comment and warn others too.

Now let us take a look at what is and what it is they do.

What is

Overtakeshop located at is an online shopping store. This store sells a variety of items. The online store is run by an organisation named China hua liao. According to the information provided on the pages of, the company is physically located at Southeast corner of the intersection of Huoju Road and Wutaizha Road, Rencheng District, Hong Kong. is an online store that we are looking into because it is exhibiting signs of fraud.

Now let us take a look at the reasons why we believe is a scam site.

Scam signs shown by’s date of creation is still too new to be trusted. After checking their whois details  [ link will be provided below], we discovered that’s domain name was registered on the 18th of August 2020. It is generally not safe to trust online stores that are less than 6 months old just like There is no background information or dependable information that is available yet to give an online buyer the security they need.’s prices

Low prices are a very common scam sign. also has prices that are too good to be true. Do not let these reduced prices be the reason you get tricked into buying from the scammers. An example is an all- in- one intelligent sweeping Robot that is being sold at 50% off. Be smarter than these scammers by avoiding shopping at their stores.’s about page

On the overtakeshop website, their about page is very suscpicious. When you go to’s about page you would definitely expect to read about them but instead you get surprised. On’s about page there is a description of a completely different store. The link you will find on’s page is If you click this link it clearly states that the site is not trusted.





I believe is scam and it is also linked to other scam sites. You should stay alert. Please share your thoughts and experiences with us below

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