Is a scam?


Are you wondering if is a scam or if it is legit or not. Have you already shopped at and you are not sure anymore if they are legit or not?. Well you are reading the right review. We try by all means to expose all online shoping scams to you and help you to stay away from them and others like them. I hope this review will answer all your questions and help you prove if your suspicions are correct or not.

Now let ustake a look at what is and what they are all about.


What is is an online shopping site that mainly sells sugar skull skeletons and zombie fashion. They have tops, bomber jackets, dresses, sports bras, bikinis, leggins, skirts, hoodies and other clothing and accessories. claims that their items are handmade, printed, cut and sewn by them in California.

Now let us take a look at the reasons why we believe is a scam.

Scam signs’s date of creation 

The domain name for was registered on the 26th of August 2020. This is according to their whois details, the link to them will be provided below. Scammers these days are creating new websites to run their scam stores and then the store will disappear a short while after they have scammed a lot of people. It is recommended to shop at online stores that have been there for a long time and those that are known and trusted. Give a chance to mature their website and prove they are legit.’s contact details.

If an online store is legit it means they have nothing to hide therefore they operate their business transparently. This means they provide all the necessary details needed by buyers to get in touch with the store. however seems to be hiding something. This is because on its contact page it provides a form that the customer should fill instead of providing the store’s details. They are making it clear that they are a scam because they do not want customers to be able to trace them. Be careful and stay away from them.





Final verdict

After reading this short review on, what are your thoughts on it? Would you still shop at Have you already been scammed by Please share with us your thoughts and experiences concerning this review on

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