Review: Scam Unmasked!

Are you in search for parts and accessories for you vehicle or bike? If you are searching for these online you might have come accross You must have had a lot of questions when you visited their website. Do you want to know if it is a legit online store or not? Do you want to know if you can completely trust with your shopping? It is right to ask questions, you have the right to know about your store before you shop there.

In this review we will look into what is, what they do and why we think it could be scam.

What is is an online shopping store that focuses more on selling car accessories and bike accessories. It is a site that operates in United States of America . is an online store that we are looking into because we think it is a scam.

Now lets take a look at why is a potential scam.

Scam Signs

Contact Details

If you take a look at’s pages you will see that there are no phone call details and no physical address. They omit these essential details yet they expect customers to trust them. The missing details are just a sign that is a shady site that should not be trusted.

e-mail address provides only an e-mail address on its site as a way of contact. This could be a fake e-mail because after conducting our research on we realised that this same e-mail is used by various other scam sites. The email is This is a free e-mail adress and it is generally not advisable to quickly trust sites with free e-mails.


The prices on are definitely too good to be true. They sell their accessories at very low prices. Do not be fooled by these prices. You will just be a victim of their scam.

site creation date is still too new to be trusted. The website was created very recently. Even if you check for their reviews, they have no customers reviews yet. According to their whois details, they created and registered their domain name on the 2nd of June 2020.


Verdict is an online shopping scam. They are not transparent indoingyheir business and they are also giving istoo many reasons not to trust them. If you havent been scammed by, please stay alert. If you have been scammed, share with us your experiences in the comments section.

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