Justiceoneshop.com Review: scam exposed


Are you curious on whether justiceoneshop.com is a legit online shopping site or not? This is the right review for you. A lot of people want to know whether they should trust justiceoneshop.com or not. This is why we took our time to look deeply into justiceoneshop.com. Keep reading to find out if your suspicions are justified or not

You may want to first understand what justiceoneshop.com is and what it does. Here is an explanation on justiceoneshop.com below.

What is justiceoneshop.com?

Justiceoneshop.com is an online shopping site that sells almost everything you may want. justiceoneshop.com sells all its items at discounted prices. They claim that they help their customers save up to 70% on the items that they buy. Justiceoneshop.com says it gets the items that it sells directly from the manufacturers.

So now let us look into why we think justiceoneshop.com is a scam

Scam signs

Site creation date

Justiceoneshop.com is still a new website. We looked into the age of the site by searching for the whois details of their domain name. The site justiceoneshop.com is less than half a year old. It was created on the 17th of June 2020. Its difficult to trust doing your shoping at a site that you barely know because it is still too new. justiceoneshop.com might be a scam so stay alert.

Goods prices

The prices on justiceoneshop.com are very low. As the saying if it is too good to be true then it probably is. I think this applys too to justiceoneshop.com. Since they are still a new site i think that should be focusing more on maximising their profits but they are discounting all goods, what are they benefiting? Share with us what your thoughts are on this.

Contact Details 

Justiceoneshop.com provides only an email address on its site for contact. service@menineshop.com is the email address that they provide. The site justiceoneshop.com has no phone call details or a physical address. This is probably because they do not want buyers to confront them about their scam.





i think justiceoneshop.com is a scam site. If you have not shopped on this too good to be true one-stop discount outlet, dont you might regret doing so. If you have been scammed by justiceoneshop.com or you have thoughts on this review that you would like to share, please leave a comment below.

Lets all stand against buyers being fooled by scammers like justiceoneshop.com

Good luck

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