Review : Scam alert! has been brought to our attention due to the fraudulent signs it has been showing. Many people have questions about it and they want to be sure if they can shop safely on this online store or not. We hope this review will put in some light on the intentions of Read through this review to get answers to your questions about

Now let us take a look at what is and what they are all about.

What is is an online store that sells a variety of items including fashion shoes, clothing, home decor, watches, stuffed pets and other stuff. is an online store that has raised a number of questions on whether it is legit or not. It has shown a number of common scam signs on its pages.

Scam signs

The items on have ridiculously low prices. Most of the items are on sale. For example they have a realistic pet that they claim to be a new arrival which is being sold at a discount of $19.99 instead of the original price which is $39.98. These prices are way too good to be true, do not be lured into the scam, stay away from does not provide all the necessary contact details. They have no physical address on their page. The social media links on their pages are also dysfunctional, they do not work like they should.

The name that they decided to give to their website is odd too. is somehow laughing at its buyers that they are scamming. Their domain name should also be reason enough for you to run far from that online store. seems to be hiding some truth from its buyers. They are not an honest site. The about section of decribes a completly different online store called Future Toys Castlexp. This shows that they are an untrustworthy online store. registered their domain name on the 30th of October 2019. They have a short life expectancy. Despite their online store being there for a bit of time, they have no online customer reviews which is suscpicious.


Final Verdict

After looking at all the scam signs exhibited by, i say it is a scam. Stay away from Please share with us your thoughts or experiences on this review about in tge comments section below.

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