Letvioe.com Review : Legit or a Scam?

Have you been to letvioe.com looking to do some online shopping? Have you already shopped at levioe.com and you were not saified? A number of people are in search of the answers to the question, is letvioe.com a legit online store? This review will try to give you answers to that and help you to stay away from scammers like letvioe.com.

let us take a look at who or what letvioe.com is, what it is about. we have to understand it a bit more before you think of doing your shopping at letvioe.com

What is letvioe.com?

letvioe.com is an online store that sells just about everything you may need. They claim that they get their items directly from the manufacturers rather than from middleman. letvioe.com says it recommends items that are popular but their buyers might not be aware of.

Why do we think letvioe.com is a scam? We will take a look at the reasons and the scam signs shown by letvioe.com.

Scam Signs

Date of site creation.

letvioe.com is still new too trust. The website according to the whois details of their domain name was created on the 17th of June 2020. I wouldn’t recommend you to do your shopping at an online store that you barely know.

Review Section

If you take a look at the review section on letvioe.com, you will realise that it has only 5 star reviews.  If i just tell you that this review section might be fixational and not real, you might not believe me. So let me tell you my reason, one of these 5 star reviewers mentions that they made a purchase last year on letvioe.com that they are proud of. letvioe.com was created this year, this is a clear sign of dishonesty by letvioe.com. Hence it is an untrustworthy online site.


Letvioe.com sells its items at prices that are too good to be true. Almost all their goods are on sale. They also mention on their site that they make sure their prices are 50-80% cheaper than local prices. You want to know why? Because they want to lure a lot of buyers into their trap.

Contact Details 

One of the most common scam signs is the absence of contact details on an online store. letvioe.com provides only a free email address on it’s site which is letvioe@gmail.com. There are no phone call details and no physical address on letvioe.com. This means they do not want their customers to get in touch with them because tht know they are scammers.





I think letvioe.com is not a legit online store. Do not be fooled into their scam. If you have helpful information that will help other buyers not to be scammed please leave a comment below. Your thoughts on this review regarding letvioe.com are greatly appreciated in the comments section.

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