m8svk.info USPS Delivery text message scam


FROM: 949-353-4114

Blessing, urgent alert regarding your USPS package 6S82A3 from 06/22/2020. Go to: m5smz.info/RXwPvRAj4B


About the texts

The text messages have been circulating and being sent to a lot of people in different states. They are also being sent from unknown multiple numbers and it seems like every time they are being sent from different phone numbers. The links on the text message is what they want you to click and definitely how they want to scam you or use you. Those who received these text messages are advised not to click on the links as they are from untrusted people and cyber criminals.




These text messages have been reported by the police as being fraudulent in nature. They have told those who received these texts not to do anything they are told to and this implies clicking the link that is on the text. This link redirects you to some sites that are risky and may contain malware software’s that may harm your phone. They may also tell you to do things that may earn them money such as clicking ads, subscribing to channels or completing some surveys.  Do not click on these links and please share the number that sent you this scam text in the comments section.

Good luck

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