Review: Legit or Scam?


Do you want to know whether is a scam or not? Allow me to take you through my findings in this review on the site You may not have been satisfied with their services or you are simply looking for clarification before you make a purchase on This is the right review for you.


What is is an online shopping site that focuses mostly on selling technological gadgets. The online site is an indian shopping site that sells its gadgets in the indian currency, rupees.

So now let us look into why i think may be a scam


Scam Signs

  • Complaints

A lot of people who were unfortunate to shop on are not happy. They are complaining about not receiving the items they ordered and paid for at This is a clear sign of a scam because these goods should have been delivered already


  • Customer review section

The site has a very nice page thats appealing to the eye, but something important was ommited on that page. There is no secion that allows the customers to put in their reviews. The reason could be that they know they will get bad reviews because of their ongoing scam and it will alert other potential victims. This is aa definite sign that is a scam.


  • Customer service 

The online shopping site, provides very poor customer service. They claim that they provide 24/7 service to their customers yet this is nothing but another lie. There are some complaints that does not always pick up its calls. They are not reliable and this gives us a reason not to trust them.


  • Site creation date was created on the 31st of July 2020. This is usually one of the most common scam signs. They are still new yet they start by being sketchy, how do they expect us to trust them?



Verdict has given us a number of reasons not to trust it. If you have not shopped at, dont its a scam. Have you been scammed by Do you agree that is a scam? Share your comments with us below.

Good luck.


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