Review: Scam Unveiled!


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of sneakers. Were you on in search of your own fabulous pair of sneakers? Do you have doubts, questions or complaints about Maybe you just want to understand a bit more on This review will help you decide on whether you are comfortable trusting or not., what is it? is an online shopping site that focuses on selling sneakers. On the site they state that their shoes are not made in the official factories of the brands but they are exact replicas. The quality of their sneakers is therefore in question.

Lets take a further look on why you should not  trust

Scam signs

  • The domain name creation date for is a cause for concern. This site is way to new to be trusted. was created on the 4th of August 2020. We may need to give them more time to prove themselves legit, but they have already given us more than enough reasons not to trust them.


  • Most of the items on are on sale. Considering the above sign, this site is still too new to be selling its items with reduced prices. This is a warning because they definetly will not benefit from those reduced prices. I think they are hoping to benefit from the money that they scam you so be alert.


  • states on its site that it provides free shippment internationally. Looking at the above scam signs, is a new site thats selling its shoes on a discount already. So how will they afford free shipment internationally? Be smart, this is a clear sign that this site is fake and out to get your money for nothing.


  • provides an email only on its contact details. The email address it provides is The online shopping site provides no other contact details or a physical address on its site. It simply shows their lack of transparency. They do not want their customers to contact them and they do not want to be found. Well i dont trust


  • The online shopping site for sneakers, has no review section on its page. They are giving their customers any room to comment on’s service.




Does this site seem legit to you? It seems fake to me. Leave a comment on this review or share your thoughts on below.



  1. Parn says:

    It was my carelessness that i didn’t read the reviews first and I’ve already made the payment for about 120 EUR😭😭😭 and they didn’t reply my DMs. What should i do? Please help me

    1. admin says:

      Contact your bank or PayPal if that’s what you used, for assistance

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