N3smv.info USPS Delivery scam text messages

Have you received a text message from some unknown phone number that claims that you have a parcel that you haven’t collected yet and is addressed in your name? The scam texts are using several phone numbers to contact different people. If you have please share the phone number that has sent you this scam text message.

Do not follow the instructions that are given and these text messages tell you to click on the link with the domain name n3smv.info or n4scn.info. all these text messages are scam and people have been receiving such scam.texts over the past month or two and they are all scam.



There is no package that is addressed in your name pending collection. These scammers get people’s details though various fraudulent ways and the scammers are responsible for many other scam texts that look just like the one you have received. Don’t get scammed report the scam text you receive or the number that sent you the text.

Good luck

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