Ntevideon.xyz Review- Scam Alert!

This review is going to help you get an indepth understanding on ntevideon.xyz. We are going to answer the question on whether it is a scam or not. I hope after reading this you will know whether to trust this ntevideon.xyz site or not. I will start by explaing what ntevideon.xyz is and what it does .

What is ntevideon.xyz?

Ntevideon.xyz is an online money making platform. It claims that it pays people for watching youtube videos on their site. On ntevideon.xyz, people are suppose to earn money through watching the videos and also through referring other people to the site. These people are supposed to create accounts and watch videos too. Those who would have referred them are supposed to get a certain percentage from their refferals’ earnings. This seems like a very easy way to make money right? Does anyone ever become rich this easy tho? No i dont think so too, this is way too good to be true and can not be trusted. Ntevideon.xyz could be a scam just as i suspect, keep reading to find out if my suspicions are correct. 

Let me take you through some of the scam signs that i found on ntevideon.xyz

Scam Signs

  • If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Most people grew up being told that if they want to be rich they should work hard. The ntevideon.xyz crew is definitely working hard to lure people into their money trap. Then again, the world is evolving and easy ways of making money are coming up, but im sure ntevideon.xyz is not one of them. You will just waste your time watching videos that you will never get paid for


  • If you take a look at ntevideon.xyz’s review section, all of the reviews there are good ones. There is no compaint, which makes me wonder if they are that perfect. I already  they are a scam so no they are not perfect maybe these reviews on their site are fixational or they pick the good ones to show. The reason im having troubles trusting their perfect reviews is that some complaints have been coming in about ntevideon.xyz. Not everyone is happy with their service.


  • According to some of its victims, ntevideon.xyz is a sketchy site. They say one gets paid after completing a 100 dollar worth watch. If an individual tries to withdraw money then, they are told to have 30 referrals first. If they then try to withdraw their money, they are told that their account is not verified. They do not recieve any verification code there after but then they are asked to make a payment for the verification. I believe now you agree with me that ntevideon.xyz is not to be trusted


  • Ntevideon.xyz claims to have started a long time ago, but the truth is they created their domain name for the site on the 8th of June 2020. They are still too new to be trusted, they are already sketchy which just gives us a solid reason not to trust them.




Ntevideon.xyz has given us a lot of reasons not to trust them. I think ntevideon.xyz is a scam. If you agree with me leave a comment on this review. If you have been scammed by ntevideon.xyz or you want to share your thoughts on it, leave a comment on this review

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