Offroadsales exposed: Is It A Scam

What Is

Hello guys how are you. We are going to be doing a review on We have reason to believe that this site might be a scam. Some of you might have been on this site and you felt left out by the time that is put on the site, indicating how much time that is left till the promotion is over. We are going to get more into details why we believe might he a scam right about now.


The prices on this site are too good to be true or as we would like to say unrealistic. This looks like it is a way of attracting more visitors to their site. The time that is on the site is how much time that is left for them until they disappear. Their goal is to get as much orders as they can get and this is how they can perform credit card fraud.




When you scroll down on the site you will see that the site is stating that it was created in 2020, but the site was actually created in 2010. This shows that this might have been another site but they just changed their name and date.

Moreover we also tried to call the number on their site but it was saying that the number longer work’s which means they might have already ran away. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of because it might be a scam.

In conclusion cannot be trusted because firstly their prices are unrealistic, it is so hard to believe that this site is giving its product at low cost. They are also hard to contact because their number is not coming through. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of such sites as they can turn out to be scams.

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