Ousykt.com Review: Is it Legit?

Have you come across an online shopping site called Ousykt.com lately and have doubts about it? Well you are not the only one. A number of people have been on this online store drawn to it by its goods which have prices that are way too low. These prices could be the biggest reason why questions are rising. Is the store legit or not? we will see in this review what i found about this site.

Scam signs

One of the common scam signs on this online site is the date of its creation . Ousykt.com’s domain name, according to their whois details,  was created on the 29th of June 2020.  They are already selling their goods at very low prices with free shipping.  This is a bad sign.

Ousykt.com is selling  a telescope that they claim to have been released in July this year. They are already selling this telescope at more than 50% off.  How would they afford to reduce the price this much? Share with us some of Ousykt.com’s items that you have come across and are too good to be true .

The site Ousykt.com provided only an email address on its contacts.  On their site they state that this same email address is for legal issues only and other requests will not get respondence. So then how are the customers supposed to contact them? Its a red flag telling you to stay away.



After reading this review, what are your thoughts on Ousykt.com? The signs above indicate that ousykt.com is not to be trusted and i think that it is a scam. If you agree with me or you have been scammed by the online site ousykt.com, leave your comment below on this review.

Good luck


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  1. Henry McCurdy says:

    Your instincts are spot on. Its a scam, scam & scam. You order a 40mm telescope and get a tiny mono scope that is unusable and shipped directly from China and not California as they state.
    I should have known as my credit card fraud department called almost immediately I tried to order. This made Pay Pal the only option.
    So save yourself grief and stay away from these fraudsters. I also noted some on line reviews are stating they have no reports on this scam and it maybe legit. ITS NOT ITS A SCAM.

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