pulsarbuds.com review: Scam or not?


Hello, in this review we are going to look at pulsarbuds.com. We value our readers and we care for you too, therefore we work long and hard to inform you about shopping sites and help you decide if they are a scam or not. A lot of people want to know if pulsarbuds.com is a legit site or not. Well keep reading this review to find out if you can trust pulsarbuds.com or not

Now let us take a look at what pulsarbuds.com is and what they are all about

What is pulsarbuds.com

Pulsarbuds.com is an online store that mainly focuses on selling earbuds that they named pulsarbuds. They say that they design, source and manufacture the ear buds themselves. Pulsar buds are said to have 3D sterio, water proof, a long battery life and crystal clear audio. Pulsarbuds.com says their aim is to deliver a world class audio experience.

Why pulsarbuds.com

The reason why we decided to look deeply into pulsarbuds.com is because a lot of online shoppers are asking about it. They want to know if they can completely trust pulsarbuds.com with their earbud shopping. We looked into it and so we will share information we found out about the online store pulsarbuds.com

pulsarbuds.com’s date of creation

Websites that are still new should not be trusted. Pulsarbuds.com created their domain name on the 28th of May 2020. This is according to their whois details. We do not know much about it yet and so it would be safer to shop at well known stores.

pulsarbuds.com’s contact details.

A Legit website provides all contact details to show their transparency. Pulsarbuds.com provided an e-mail address on its pages which is support@pulsarbuds.com. They also provided a toll-free  number which is 855-944-1613 . However, despite providing these essential details, they do not provide physical adress for the company.

Social media sites

Pulsarbuds.com does not have connection to any sites. There are two possible reasons why not. It is either they are hiding something or since they are a new online store, they are still in the process of creating their social media sites.


Pulsarbuds.com is selling their earbuds which are suppose to cost $250 at $50. They say it is because they are the manufacturers and they skip the middle man and sell directly to the customers. This could be true but we must not forget that scammers also use low prices to lure cutsomers into buying.





We leave the decision up to you as our reader to conclude if you will trust pulsarbuds.com with your shopping or not. We laid out pros and cons of pulsarbud.com. Please share your thoughts on this review about pulsarbuds.com in the comments section below.

Good Luck

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