ragecup.net Review : Scam Alert!

Beware of ragecup.net. If you are searching for answers on if ragecup.net is a legit site or not, you are reading the right review. Fraudsters and scammmers are increasing in numbers daily especially online. It is advisable to first conduct a little research on a website before using its services just to be safe. A lot of people who have come across ragecup.net have questions, i hope this review will be of much help in answering these questions.

ragecup, located at ragecup.net is a gaming website that is run by a person whose identity is not mentioned. It is a website that we looked into deeply because it is exhibiting some signs of being a scam website.

Now lets take a look at why we believe ragecup.net is a scam website

Scam signs

The domain name for ragecup.net is still too new to be trusted. It was created on the 13th of September 2020 according to their whois details. The link to these details will be provided below. Scammers are known to always create new websites for their scam schemes and usually these websites stop existing after a while of scamming people. This means you should not rush into trusting a website this new.

How does ragecup.net scam people?

ragecup.net has a fake steam popup that logs into an individual’s account and compromises the account. They hack the account and steal your personal information. ragecup.net sends a message on steam with a link to the ragecup website. They use the hacked account to send the message asking one to participate in voting for a friend’s team. ragecup.net uses the words bro, dude or mate.




Final verdict

If you have already created a ragecup account, you should change your password immediately. If you havent been on ragecup.net stay away from it and do not create an account with them. ragecup.net is a scam. If you have been a victim of ragecup.net, please share your experiences or thoughts about this review in the comments section below.

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