Rammarec .com Review : Scam Exposed

Scam alert! we are working tirelessly to save all buyers and warn them about online scammers. We care and so our aim is to expose these scammers and you should help us too by sharing this information with other buyers. A lot of people have been asking about rammarec.com. They want to know if it is a scam or not. In this review we will be looking into rammarec.com. We hope by the end of this review you will have an answer on whether to trust your shopping with rammarec.com or not.

Now let us take a look at what rammarec.com is and what it does.

What is rammarec.com

rammarec.com is an online shopping store. It focuses mainly on selling ballons. They have foil and helium inflated ballons that come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. rammarec.com claims that they started their business as a tiny market store over 9 years ago. rammarec.com is an online store that we will be looking into in this review

Now let us take a look at the scam signs shown by rammarec.com

Scam signs

The domain name of rammarec.com was created on the 1st of August 2020. This information is according to their whois details. The link will be provided below. It is not wise to trust an online store that is still too new. Since they claim that they started over 9 years ago, they should have created a domain name online long back. I think aside from being a scam, rammarec.com is also not honest.

The items sold at rammarec.com are for events such as parties. This means that the buyer may need to buy a lot of the ballons, yet rammarec.com does not allow the purchase of items for more than $105. This unrealistic and weird, if i were you i would not trust them with my shopping.

Some of the items on rammarec.com that they claim have been bought by other consumers should have reviews but they dont. This is suspicious as it would seem they are hiding something.

rammarec.com is also showing suscpicious scam signs on the links to their social media pages. These links do not work as they should, when clicked they should direct you to their pages but they dont. This is probably just rammarec.com trying to make the buyers think they are trustworthy, i dont buy that.



rammarec.com is an untrustworthy online store. They have given us a lot of reasons to think that they are a scam. Stay away from these scammers. If you want to share your experiences or comment on this review about rammarec.com, please leave a comment below.

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