Rdl.life texts: Spam unveiled!

Have you recieved a text from rdl.life? Are you wondering what rdl.life is or what the texts they send are about? In this review we will look into rdl.life and their texts. We will let you know why we believe rdl.life is a scam that you should not fall into.

What is rdl life?

Rdl life is located at rdl.life. It is a site used by scammers or spammers to trick people. If you visit the rdl.life online website it appears to be an online store for flower vases. This is just a cover up for the scam that they are engaged in.

Rdl life sends spam texts to individuals, to some more than once. The texts may indicate that they are from Bethany. These rdl life spam texts imply that the individual who received it has won some competition  and secured a position between number 1 and number 3. The texts they send contain a link that one will be asked to click. Do not click on that link if you recive this spam text. The link will redirect you to a phishing or a website with malware. The link may look like the one below:

hxxp://www.rdl.life/el/? n=194849568

When you are redirected, rdl.life will ask for credit card details and your personal information at some point. Do not give them your information! They might overcharge your credit card without your consent, they might hack into all your personal accounts. These scammers will make money by selling your personal details and they can start using them for some of their scam schemes.

The rdl.life website that appears to be selling flower vases is still too new to trust. The site registered their domain name on the 29th of July 2020. Stay away from this site to avoid being scammed.



Rdl.life texts are scam texts. Immediately delete the text when you receive one and report  the number that sent it to you. Share your thoughts and experiences regarding rdl.life texts in the comments section below.

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