Realistic Teddy Dog Luck Review

Realistic Teddy Dog Luck


Hello guys how are you ,you might have seen a commercial about a Realistic Teddy Dog Luck and you might have seen it moving like its a robot and it is only going for $20 bucks. A small price to pay for something so cute you would say. Well some were amazed by the cuteness of the toy that they purchased it with no further delay. The reaction of these valued customers was quite different from what was expected, even though some loved the product  it was rather quite different for the majority. What was on the commercials and the real product was quite different.

Customer Reviews

Some customers said it was just another stuffed toy that should have gone just for a $1. Some also mentioned that it was totally different from what was on the commercials ,the way it moved and how flexible it was, it looked like a robot some would say.

But what would you expect from a $20 robotic toy. It was kinda exegerated on the commercial video especially for $20.

For some they really love it because some are saying it has a long lasting battery .

The bottom line is we think the whole thing is kinda sneaky. Reason being they might have used a real dog on the commercial and then you get a stuffed toy in real life.

Where Can You Find It

These same product are being sold on many sites with the same  price etheir $19 or $20 . No matter which site you might visit you will get the same product over and over again.

Many customers have regretted purchasing this product we urge all valued customers to avoid this product.

The site  is hard for some to say it either legit or a scam. We have come to our own conclusion seeing that when you order the product you receive it. We would say ordering the product will have to depend on the customer. If you are a rich toy lover and you would like to give it a try and see how much of a rip off this is, then you can go ahead and purchase it. If you are expecting what you have been seeing on the commercials then we are sorry to tell you that you might be disappointed so you would be advised to avoid such products.


In conclusion

The Realistic Teddy Dog Luck toy is totally different from the toy that you see in the commercials. In nutshell the Realistic Teddy Dog Luck  toy should be avoided because it was falsely advertised.


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