Realistic teddy dog Lucky Review : Fake Stores


Did you or do you want a pet dog but you do not have the time to look after it? Maybe you were in search of the perfect gift and you came across a number of online sites that claim to be selling the amazing realistic teddy dog Lucky. Well it might be a bit challenging to see which of these sites are fake and which ones are real. I hope this review will be eye opening in terms of legit and fake sites selling the realistic teddy dog lucky.


What is the realistic teddy dog Lucky?

The realistic teddy dog lucky is a pet stuffed animal that is cute, soft and cuddly. It is handmade and looks like a real live dog. The realistic teddy dog lucky operates on batteries that last for long and comes in all colours and types.

A number of online shopping stores have seen this as an oportunity to scam innocent buyers. If you have been scammed or you have other sites that you believe are fake and selling the realistic teddy dog Lucky, share with us in the comment section. Below are some of the online stores selling the realistic teddy dog Lucky, that we believe are fake.


Now let us take a look at the reasons we think these online stores are fake and scam signs you should watch out for


Scam Signs

All of the above mentioned online shopping sites have put the exact same description of the realistic teddy dog lucky with the same look alike pictures. It almost looks like it was a copy and paste from an original site. Watch out for this

Considering the fact that the realistic teddy dog Lucky is becoming very popular and its unique and special, we would expect it to be sold at high prices. However scam stores decide to reduce the prices by 50% or more in order to lure more people to their trap. Do not be fooled by these scammers

Another scam sign is the contact details on a website. Some scam websites do not provide any details or physical address at all, whilst others provide only fake email addresses. This would be a clear sign of a scam store claiming to sell the realistic teddy dog Lucky.

Some of the online stores stated above clearly state that if their customers do not receive feedback from them, they should check in their spam bins. Why would the feedback be in a spam bin? I think maybe because the stores are untrustworthy.

Another scam sign that could be shown by fake stores claiming to sell the realistic teddy dog Lucky, is the creation date of their website. The stores above were created between last year and this year. They are all still too new to be trusted.this information was obtained from the whois details of their domain names.




There are fake stores selling the realistic teddy dog Lucky. If you have not been scammed yet, stay alert and look into the site details before making a purchase. Any views on this review on the realistic teddy dog Lucky will be appreciated in the comment section below.

Good Luck

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