review : Is it a scam

What is

Hello guys how are you.we are going to be doing a review on We believe this site might be a scam for certain reasons we soon get into shortly.

Starting with the age of the site it clearly shows us that this site is a scam, not to mention that this site is also having trouble to access it. If there is anyone else also having this same problem then this is another sign that this site is a scam.

More over the contact details on this site are going straight to voicemail and this is another additional sign that this site is a scam. Sites like this turn to use false information about their contact details and this clearly shows us this is a scam.


Don’t Trust New Sites is a new site that was created on the 28-08-2020 which was a few months ago. Sites that are a year or less old can’t be trusted for they don’t give us assurances that they can be trusted.

The fact that they are only going to be active for a few months shows us that they could disappear anytime with no trace. New sites can’t be trusted it better to visit sites that have been there for quite some time .


Not Easily Accessible.

The fact that it is difficult to access this site already shows that it might already have been suspected and I would urge everyone not to trust this site.

Moreover this site contact details are going straight to voicemail meaning the contact details they are using are not valid at all.

If there is anyone who has had past experiences with this site please let us know your experiences with this site in our comments.

In conclusion

We believe that is scam mainly because the age of their site shows us that it was made not a few month ago,and sites like this one cannot be trusted.

In a nutshelI is a scam


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