USPS important notification about shipment scam text

Scammers and spammers have taken to texting individual as a way of deceiving them. Have you received a USPS shipment text? A lot of people have received it too and some are still receiving it, some more than one text per day. You must be curious about if these texts are for real or they are being sent by scammers. Read throught this review to find out more about the USPS shipment texts


About the USPS important notification about shipment text 

Scammers send a supposedly important notification about shipment to an individual. These messages will contain fake shipment tracking codes that are used to trick people into believing it is real. The messages also contain a link that will lead to a phishing or scam website that may contain dangerous malware. At the website the scammers can ask an individual to pay a certain amount for the delivery of the shipment. They also ask for credit card details and other personal informatin. It is advisable not to provide any of your information  as will be at a very big at risk of being stolen. They may also overcharge your credit card without your knowledge.

The text that is sent by the scammers looks like the one below:

Blessing, urgent alert for your USPS shipment 5C87B3 from 08/21/2020. Click


contact numbers connected to the scam

The scammers use different numbers for their scam. Below we have put some of these numbers. Please share with us the number that sent you this fake shipment text.

  • 1(347) 268-9893
  • (216) 816-5547
  • 1(917) 935-7163
  • 470-635-4396

Final Verdict

The USPS important notification about shipment text is a scam. If you receive a similar text please report it and do not click the link that they provide. If you have already received this text please share your experience and your thoughts concerning these scam texts.

Thank you

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