Review : legit or scam?

If you came across you must have questions about it. A number of people want to know if is a trustworthy shopping site or not. This basically means is giving its customers a reason or more to doubt its legitness. We took our time to look deep into because we care about you and our job is to expose scams. Read through this review to get answers as to if you should trust with your shopping or not.

Now let us take a look at what is and what they do

What is

Saleunif is an online shopping site located at It sells a lot of different products like tops, accessories, bottoms, dresses, shoes and a lot of other products. is an online store that we are looking into because it might be a scam site.

Now let us take a look into the reasons why we think is a scam.

Scam signs date of creation claim that their website was created a few years back. A few years back the internet was fully functional and online stores were very popular, so why did they not create a website then? created their domain name on the 29th of July  2020. Their site is still too new to be trusted. It is so common that scammers always create new websites for their scam schemes. Do not trust’s prices sells almost all its items at very low prices. It has reduced the prices of its items to more than 50% off. This is very suspicious as it seems like a way to lure customers into their scam. Considering the fact that is still a new site, how would they afford to reduce their prices the way they did? This is a clear red flag, you should stay away from that site.’s contact details

The online store, provides a physical address on their page which is a good thing. They also provide an email address, This email address might just as well be fake as all scammers do. does not provide any phonecall details. This is suspicious because phone calls give customers a sense of security knowing whom they are dealing with.


Final Verdict is a scam, yes it is. Do not be fooled by their ridiculously low prices. Stay away from please share your thoughts and experiences on with us below in the comments section

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