Review: Scam Exposed! Review

Were you in search of nice swimwear costumes and came across Do you have your doubts about whether is legit or not? Are you a victim of Read through this review to see my thoughts on it too.


Scam signs

The domain name for was created on the 15th of March 2019, according to their whois details. This may be a sign of it being a scam as  it is still new for it to afford reducing the prices of its items the way it did, so be alert.

A number of the customers who were unfortunate to shop at have put in negative reviews on the site. Most of the customers have not received the goods  they ordered from The items on are really nice, but they will not let you own them, they just want your money. If it did this to these people, what will stop it from repeating it again and again? This is definitely  a red flag.

The items being sold on online store have ridiculously low prices. Just like any other online store scam, these prices are too good to be true. The average price of swimwears is 263 bucks , whilst  most of the goods on  are below a 100 bucks. I am sure we can all see that this is just a way to lure customers into the scam.





There are a number of scam signs that are visible on the site This site is not to be trusted, it has given us a number of reasons not to trust it. Is the site legit or not?, i think it is not. If you have not shopped at yet, be careful watch out for these signs. You may leave your comments on this review on what you think about


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